Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Limes & Stein Oil Painting

Spring Fever and Frost
9x12, Oil on Panel
$360.00 unframed

The frosty spring had me longing for greens. The little key limes which are incredibly delicious in a Corona are a fun contrast with the pewter beer stein. It’s a contrast of colour vs neutrals, small vs large and is a fairly understated painting with a touch of humour while the artichoke is a more vivid play of cool greens and purples on warm golden colours.

5x7, Oil on Panel
$266.00 unframed

As usual I’m doing my typical balancing act of painting, illustration, and Project Heroes, a soldier portrait project. Recently one of my partners and I interviewed the parents of Cole Bartsch, one of the soldiers whose portrait I’ll be painting. They showed us his room, the many, many photos and told us so much about him that it seems as if I know him. It will make painting his portrait that much more poignant. Cole believed in what he was doing in Afghanistan and I am one proud Canadian to be painting his portrait. We owe so much gratitude to these young men who serve our country, and this project, even though it’s a big one, hardly seems enough to say thanks.

I haven't spoken about Project Heroes on my blog but you can find out about it here Project Heroes and you can follow it's progress at the project heroes blog