Wednesday, April 20, 2016

After several years with Blogger I am moving over to WordPress. Blogger did some odd design things to my blog and I simply do not like it anymore. I've enjoyed sharing this art journey with you all, your comments and thoughts inspire me and I would love for you to continue on the trip.

WordPress was supposed to import my followers and subscribers to my new blog but it didn't so I invite you to visit the new blog to subscribe and to read my latest post Exploration - Tulips to Tigers. It's all about exploration in art and life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Red Horse at Lando Gallery

Carmine Reverie, 30x30, Oil on Canvas

Carmine Reverie is part of a series of horse paintings that started last year when my husband and I saw some gorgeous appaloosa horses in a pasture. I knew I would paint them at some point but what I would do with them wasn't immediately apparent. That's inspiration for you, sometimes it's there, only partly formed until one day bits and pieces of ideas start falling into place. This is #5 in the series with more to come. You can see the rest at And you can see Carmine Reverie at Lando Gallery in Edmonton, AB.