Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking Back - Exploration in Art

Looking Back, 20x16, Oil on Canvas
© Cindy Revell

This last year saw years of exploration bear fruit. Experimentation is important to artists and by trying different mediums, styles, new color palettes, or unfamiliar subject matter we make discoveries that lend greater depth to what we are already doing or take us in new directions. I'm not giving up still life but I'm certainly enjoying exploring this new direction and indulging myself in working purely from my imagination and playing with color, pattern, and considering the symbolism of the objects in the paintings.
This first decade of the 21 century was a wonderful journey in my artistic life and what this next decade will bring I don’t really know but I’m certain that it will be no less exciting as the last. I hope this next decade is a rich one in your own artistic travels.