Friday, January 15, 2010

New Chapter Book - Grandma and the Depicters

What a great year 2009 was! It's been one adventure after another trying new techniques and methods as well as revisiting old mediums and exploring new ones. I've been painting with gouache, a digital tablet, and pen and ink with watercolour. It's eye opening to explore a variety of mediums and it's amazing how each one affects how you paint with the other.

My final project of the year was the art for Rosalie Silverstone's 11 chapter book 'Grandma and the Depicters'. When I was first approached to do this book I thought it just might be the perfect project for pen & ink with watercolour since the interior illustrations were to be black and white. After working for so many years in acrylic and oils I'd forgotten how wonderfully lively this combination can be and I'm glad have them as part of my repertoire again.

'Grandma and the Depicters' was written for children aged 7 – 12 but I loved it, guess I'm still a kid. You can get this highly enjoyable book at