Monday, July 23, 2007

Early Morning Paintings

Pucker Up
5 x 7
Oil on Canvas

Morning Tomatoes
5 x 7
Oil on Canvas

These two little paintings are part of my Early Morning series that I started this April. I began a series of small paintings with natural morning light and artificial light. I prefer the natural light but it doesn't always cooperate. For one thing the sun only peeks through that window for an hour at the most. To make things really interesting the shifting morning clouds makes the light vary dramatically moment to moment with sunlight one minute and cloud the next. After some frustrating days with inconsistent light I started to experiment with artificial light and I'm not quite sure if I like it. At least it stays still.

1 comment:

Margret Short said...

The colors used here for this lemon study are terrific; beautiful and rich. I can feel the warm sunlight pouring in the loggia table filled with mealtime lovelies fresh picked from the garden. The guests are just now arriving.
Wish I were there,