Sunday, September 16, 2007

Peach Luster on Leopard

18 x18
Oil on Canvas

Pairing this vintage Peach Luster tea cup with a leopard print fabric was just sheer fun! Patterns and interesting prints have long been part of my illustraton work but I have yet to use them as frequently in my oil paintings. Pattern as subject matter has been on my mind for a while and as I'd recently finished the wild cat print boot I was in the mood for more of the same. I'd been wanting to paint this teacup's fascinating, shimmery surface ever since I bought it and wanted to do the leopard print too so it seemed a good time to get them together.

The reflections in this tea cup kind of reminds me of Neil Hollingsworth paintings in which he paints reflected surfaces so admirably. I bow to you Neil.


mari said...

you're amazing - my mouth literally fell open when I saw this. what a creative combination of subjects!!

Cindy Revell said...

Thanks Mari. There is something so fun about pairing unexpected objects together.