Thursday, November 15, 2007


Personal Collection

9 x 12
Oil on Canvas

The inspiration for Imposter came to me one day when I was shopping and came across a fake lemon which reminded me of my Grandmother. She had the greatest green thumb and could grow anything - except a lemon tree which just wouldn't survive the winters of Saskatchewan no matter how green the thumb. Still, she wanted a lemon tree and after saving up her fake, plastic lemons, tied them to a tree outside and had an instant lemon tree. Imposter is in honour of my Grandmother.

Of course one lemon painting just leads to another. I recently painted Impersonator after seeing the curiously shaped plastic lemon in the grocery store. Great shape, fun subject matter, not so good in the flavour category. I've painted numerous lemons and can't get enough of them. There is much to be gained by taking a subject and painting it in a variety of ways. It's both a learning experiment as well as pure pleasure as you intimately explore your chosen subject matter. It becomes a series of it's own accord in which you travel through idea after idea, explore and examine and ultimately create some very satisfying art. It's quite a journey, and like a journey there will be good trails and bad but the end results are always worth the trip.

Jerry Lebo talks about the value in doing a series. Look him up, he's got some great paintings happening.

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