Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pears With Rose-hips

Just as the pussy willows were out and the tulips showing their new red leaves we got snow! It was so hard to be patient with these spring snows when all I really wanted is to get out and do some gardening! We are finally snow free and I am delirious with spring! The frogs and robins are lustily calling and my perennials are all poking their heads up as if wondering what all the fuss is about.

Pears With Rose-hips
12 x 16

These shapely green pears share the stage with rose-hips that grow on a profusion of wild rose bushes alongside our driveway. Dozens of large trees were blown over in some of the truly powerful winds that we’ve had this winter yet the rose-hips have resolutely clung to the branches through it all.

Happy, happy, happy spring!


m collier said...

Beautiful !!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this...that hightlight on the top of the pear is just perfect!

Ann said...