Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Apples in Black - New Oil Painting

Love Apples in Black
24 x 18
Oil on Canvas

Autumn, it’s a mellow golden time of year with ripening fields and an abundance of garden produce to pick. The vegetables are covered with sheets each night to protect them from early frosts and there is an abundance of tomatoes ripening faster than we can eat them. As always I’m lured to the greens, reds and oranges of tomatoes. I love the sharp, green smell of the vines and hate to wash it off. I do, and paint the tomatoes with the smell and taste of summer in my mind.

Love Apples in Black
combines that wonderful, golden, autumn light with ripening tomatoes in a Korean jug which I've painted before, a heavy, chunky piece of pottery with a glossy rich black glaze. I think this is a Korean medicine jug but I'm not certain. This painting is larger than my usual paintings at 24 x 18. The tomatoes were ripening while I painted them and over a few days some of them turned from green to orange. A fun challenge to capture the original colour.


Anonymous said...

a beautiful painting cindy... and I love your chiaroscuro you're so good at..

Alvin Richard said...

Hi Cindy,
Beautiful lighting, warmth and old world charm to this painting. Masterfully done. I have followed some of your artwork mainly through the FCA website (I am also a member). Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I have added your link to my blog.

Terry Elrod said...

I like this work very much -- the wall in the background, the highlight on the pot is bold yet works very well, and the perspective on the shelf is superb. Very skilled. Evocative of Dutch renaissance works. Thanks!