Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oil Painting to Watercolor - Illustration

Thank You
6 x4, Watercolor with Pen & Ink

It's been an experimental few months and I'm not done exploring yet. Recently my agent Deborah Wolfe of Illustration OnLine suggested we give our clients another illustration style to choose from, something loose and free, like watercolors which used to be my medium of choice. It was a great idea and I'm loving the spontaneity of these.

Flowers For Mom
4x4, Watercolor with Pen & Ink

This illustration is one in a series that depicts a small story in only 6 steps with no text to describe the story. The pen I'm using to do the inking is my Aunt's which she used when she was just a young woman. It's in my studio now and I'll treasure it forever.

Smart Car Journey
7x6, Watercolor with Pen & Ink

Smart cars are a pretty nifty mode of getting around but they do have their limits.

Am I done exploring? I don't think so. A commission for another trunk has come in and this one has a Cuban theme. The research phase is underway and inspiration is starting to flow. Still lifes in oil, whimsical watercolors and acrylics, and functional art, it's going to be a fun and very creative summer.


Terry Elrod said...

Absolutely charming, Cindy. Keeping that playful spirit alive!

When I look at art, I like to see the hand of an artist who is glad to be alive. That certainly shines through here. Thank you.

Twyla Campbell said...

Cindy, Thanks for visiting my blog...I thought I'd reciprocate and check out yours. What a great find this was!

Your art is stunning and I love the children's books illustrations. We might have to collaborate on a project!

I wasn't surprised to find out that you had traveled to Tuscany a while back because the light in your paintings is Tuscan light. I'm not sure how else to describe it.
Your paitings are gorgeous and thoughtful with those fantastic hues. They make me want to do 2 things: eat fruit and visit Tuscany again.

Cindy Revell said...

Terry and Twyla, thank you both very much.

Oh yes Tuscany Twyla, that was an experience that will stick with me forever. It's interesting that the light in my work reminds you of that wonderful place but it's actually the light of our own northern skies. I set up my still lifes beside a north window in my studio. I'd go back to Tuscany in heartbeat.

Collaborations can be fun.


Anonymous said...

this is too cute!! Love your illustratioons...they make me giggle!
And how precious your pen is...I have one of my father, so I can completely understand your sentiment! Treasure it!