Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dandelion - Still Life

Dens Leonis
8 x 10, Oil on Panel

The dandelion, one of the first blooms of spring, an early edible green, a child's favorite bouquet for Mom's, and reviled weed. The name dandelion comes from the french dente de lion, a translation of the medieval latin dens leonis which means lions tooth in reference to it's jagged tooth like leaves.

This joyful little flower brightens ditches, gardens, and lawns alike. Whether you revere it's edible qualities and happy blossoms or detest it's tenacious tendencies it's a hardy burst of sunshine that isn't going away soon and I love it - most of the time.


Bridget said...

Beautiful!!!I love this sweet light!

Cindy Revell said...

Thanks Bridget, it's from a north light in my studio.

Dan said...

Very nice painting. I have also heard of people making wine from dandelions.

Cindy said...

Thanks so much Dan. Yup, if we'd have been more ambitious we could have had a ton of wine. It was a very prolific year for dandelions.

Great colour in your plein air paintings Dan.

Anonymous said...

Lovely light on that dandelion to the right...beautiful composition too.

Cindy Revell said...

Thanks Ronell, I have to admit that the light on that one dandelion wasn't quite like that in real life so I brightened it on the painting to make it the star of the bouquet.