Monday, March 23, 2009

Turquoise Tango - Oil Study

Turquoise Tango

(5 x 7, oil on panel)


This was painted just the other day, another exploration in using exaggerated color. I'm interested in just seeing how far I can push the color in shadows and in the backgrounds. Besides exploring color I'm also making things up which is simply not what I normally do.

Setting up the still life is a hugely creative part of the painting. Instead of making decisions as I work my way through the painting I plan them ahead of time when I'm setting up a still life. The lighting is carefully planned to create mood, objects are placed so that a rhythm is established, shadows are planned similarly, and folds in fabric are used to point to the focal point. I choose a fabric color for the background and foreground or use lighting to influence the color of the wall. After the planning is done and the decisions made I observe carefully and try to paint what I see.

Turquoise Tango and the other studies are completely different. In nearly all of them the background or foreground is a made up color. I have to use my imagination and go with my gut feeling. It's more immediate and very rewarding. Being studies there is no concern about 'will a gallery like it' or 'will the collector who commissioned it like it'. Will it change how I paint? Not completely, the act of quiet observation and the challenge of capturing what I see has it's own rewards but as time goes by there will be a bit more freedom in my work as I continue with the studies, time will tell.


d. prizzi said...

Love the wonderful contrast of turquoise against the orange and the lively brushwork and colors!

Anonymous said...

cindy, just been going through your other website: beautiful work with a very sensitive approach. and thanks for your visit. r.

Belinda Del Pesco said...

Beautiful color play.... and nice composition.

r garriott said...

Marvelous colors!!!

Anonymous said...

A great study in pushing those colours...the complimentaries work so well together. It is freeing to just paint and not think/wonder/stress about whether it is good or bad.