Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Empty Easel Reviews Still Life - Tipsy

The online art community is really something. Everything about art is shared there, no holding back. Artists can read how other artists make their art, how they make a business of it both online and through traditional means, and what inspires them. Artists not only share information but showcase the works of other artists. One such website is Empty Easelwhere I recently had a wonderful review of my art. Stop by Dan's very informative website and read the review.

Three of the paintings Dan reviewed were Tipsy, Imposter and Not Made For Walking from the September post. It's always such a pleasure when another artist 'gets' your work. Tipsy and a few other paintings are currently at Trudy Labell Fine Art in Naples, Fl and will be showing in their February Contemporary Realism show. Imposter is will be on it's way to the Federation Gallery in Vancouver, BC for their Red and Gold show this spring. Not Made For Walking sold in Oct.

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Ann said...

Nice review and well-deserved!

Ann at Redacted Recipes