Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Oil Painting - Hazelnut Leaves With Beanpot

Hazelnut Leaves With Beanpot
10 x 10

After painting the darkly dramatic Royal Turban and the colourful and more airy Autumn Tang I felt like painting something more neutral and contemplative. The darker leaves and pot against the neutral background and the spare composition seems to give Hazelnut Leaves With Beanpot a rather zen look.

Hazelnuts grow everywhere on our small piece of land. Later on in the summer they grow little nuts that the squirrels clean up by late fall. Those busy little chirpers will not leave one single hazelnut on the trees.

I found this beanpot in a Chinese grocer one day, it was filled with a tasty and rich bean paste that is used in Chinese dishes. I bought it both for the contents as well as the stout, little brown pot that I knew would find it's way into a still life one day.


Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I really like the sparse look of this painting, cindy. you're right, it has a lovely zen feeling and I love the low key colours, adding to the feeling. nice work

Cindy Revell said...

Thank you very much Ronell.

Sherry Deghelder said...

Hi Cindy, Beautiful composition!
I agree with Ronell, way zen.

Cindy Revell said...

Thanks Sherry!

Christine Bray said...

I just discovered your blog through Karen Appleton's. This painting is very nice. I love the neutral's. It reminds me of Sarah Lamb's paintings with the foreground/background color.