Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tagged and I'm It

It seems we art bloggers are having an on-line game of tag in which we share 5 little known tidbits of information about ourselves and then tag 5 other artists. A fun way to learn about one another. Chris Stott who paints fabulously elegant still lifes tagged me.

5 little known things, some of which are probably better off not revealed but better to scare you than bore you.

1. 6 years ago I was illustrating in acrylics and I needed a little change in medium just to rev my illustration up a little- so I took an oil painting class. It was love at first brushstroke and it completely changed my life. Now I do both illustration and oil painting and will likely go crazy.

2. When I was a kid I read in the bath tub till I was shrivelly and my Dad would make me get out so the rest of the family could use the bathroom. I still read in the tub for hours but now no one can make me get out. I do other things in the tub like draw, plan schedules etc. It's a relaxing way to work. A cat falling into the tub, however, is not a relaxing event at all.

3. When I was a teenager I read the book 'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck and have read it once a year ever since. It never gets boring.

4. I received a teddy-chicken (that's right - chicken) for my first Easter when I was a baby and I still have him, although he lives a much quieter life in a trunk now. His name was Cheppie which is apparently derived from my mangled attempts to say chickie. Although I used to play with dolls, I now find them kind of creepy but ancient teddy-chickens are perfectly acceptable.

5. I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Try one sometime, you'll thank me.

In spite of some of these odd facts I am fairly normal.

I'm tagging
D. Prizzi
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