Monday, December 31, 2007

Painted Furniture

Toscana Cucina

My last project of the year was this trunk which was commissioned by my creative friends from Lime Design who have come up with many interesting themes for me to paint for them. You might remember the Medieval Armoire or the Twitter Trunk from the April and November postings. The goal was a trunk that would remind them of their visit to Italy. How perfect that I had just been there earlier this year and was full of ideas and good remembrances of the colours, flavours and scenes of Tuscany. Out of our remembrances came Toscana Cucina.

This project was just completed after many, many hours of researching traditional Italian decoration, reading recipes, multiple sketches and finally painting. The following pictures show the trunk in it's various stages from sketches to block in, and final.

May the new year be full of happiness, blessings and prosperity.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tagged and I'm It

It seems we art bloggers are having an on-line game of tag in which we share 5 little known tidbits of information about ourselves and then tag 5 other artists. A fun way to learn about one another. Chris Stott who paints fabulously elegant still lifes tagged me.

5 little known things, some of which are probably better off not revealed but better to scare you than bore you.

1. 6 years ago I was illustrating in acrylics and I needed a little change in medium just to rev my illustration up a little- so I took an oil painting class. It was love at first brushstroke and it completely changed my life. Now I do both illustration and oil painting and will likely go crazy.

2. When I was a kid I read in the bath tub till I was shrivelly and my Dad would make me get out so the rest of the family could use the bathroom. I still read in the tub for hours but now no one can make me get out. I do other things in the tub like draw, plan schedules etc. It's a relaxing way to work. A cat falling into the tub, however, is not a relaxing event at all.

3. When I was a teenager I read the book 'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck and have read it once a year ever since. It never gets boring.

4. I received a teddy-chicken (that's right - chicken) for my first Easter when I was a baby and I still have him, although he lives a much quieter life in a trunk now. His name was Cheppie which is apparently derived from my mangled attempts to say chickie. Although I used to play with dolls, I now find them kind of creepy but ancient teddy-chickens are perfectly acceptable.

5. I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Try one sometime, you'll thank me.

In spite of some of these odd facts I am fairly normal.

I'm tagging
D. Prizzi
Justin Clayton
Jerry Lebo
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Empty Easel Reviews Still Life - Tipsy

The online art community is really something. Everything about art is shared there, no holding back. Artists can read how other artists make their art, how they make a business of it both online and through traditional means, and what inspires them. Artists not only share information but showcase the works of other artists. One such website is Empty Easelwhere I recently had a wonderful review of my art. Stop by Dan's very informative website and read the review.

Three of the paintings Dan reviewed were Tipsy, Imposter and Not Made For Walking from the September post. It's always such a pleasure when another artist 'gets' your work. Tipsy and a few other paintings are currently at Trudy Labell Fine Art in Naples, Fl and will be showing in their February Contemporary Realism show. Imposter is will be on it's way to the Federation Gallery in Vancouver, BC for their Red and Gold show this spring. Not Made For Walking sold in Oct.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Oil Painting - Hazelnut Leaves With Beanpot

Hazelnut Leaves With Beanpot
10 x 10

After painting the darkly dramatic Royal Turban and the colourful and more airy Autumn Tang I felt like painting something more neutral and contemplative. The darker leaves and pot against the neutral background and the spare composition seems to give Hazelnut Leaves With Beanpot a rather zen look.

Hazelnuts grow everywhere on our small piece of land. Later on in the summer they grow little nuts that the squirrels clean up by late fall. Those busy little chirpers will not leave one single hazelnut on the trees.

I found this beanpot in a Chinese grocer one day, it was filled with a tasty and rich bean paste that is used in Chinese dishes. I bought it both for the contents as well as the stout, little brown pot that I knew would find it's way into a still life one day.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Autumn Tang

Autumn Tang

Such lovely little apples but so incredibly tart to bite into. The birds love crabapples when they've clung to the tree all winter and had time to ferment, and I love them because they are beautiful in all seasons and for the most lovely apple butter they make.